Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming legitimised and sought after career option among youth as well as often quoted solution to economic challenges world-wide. As such, we think that interest in entrepreneurship stimulates the creating of opportunities for job growth via new ventures. However, there is still much room and many areas for improvement: it has got as focus too much attention on comercialised reseach, and consequently little has been done on a national or provincial level to foster and develop the entreprenorial and innovative talent in order to start new job opportunities or to provide the training ground and launch point for the next generation and new ventures.

In order to accomplish the goal of studying entrepreneurship in our areas first and promote our regions through it, our institutions embark on:

  1. education : The school inspectorate,the highschool –to include the scale and scope of entrepreneurship in the school curricula, check level of implementation.
  2. experiential learning :opportunities for students and trainers to participate in internships at local partners’ institutions,learning opporttunities outside the classroom,to build critical thinking .
  3. support for ventures.:actual support –legal basis-the centre of conservation of culture,vocational school,reserch centre

-training and mentoring:the inspectorate, directorate, city of Lodz, highschool, the university

-celebration and promotion-the newspaper,all

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