The Zonal Centre of Conservation and Preservation of Local Traditions, is a cultural organization located in the historic centre of Braila. It comprises art galleries, weaving and pottery workshops, an auditorium and a concert hall. Per total,they boast 500-seat halls available for organizing and holding cultural events and an open-air concert area situated in the picturesque surroundings of the Danube Esplanade. Examples of such activities include: Ancestral Identity of Contemporary Village (focused on local cultural patrimony), Craftsmen International Fair, Village in the City Markets, Sons of our City Braila (emphasis on very successful artists and other diverse personalities born here), Hariclea Darclee International Singing Competition (event of great importance summing 19 editions so far), International Folklore Festivals encouraging and promoting young artists, Danube-Long Love- a competition raising awareness, in all its seven editions up to now, on authentic repertoires of communities living along Danube.

All these enjoy wide acclaim on national and international level, involved as well as satisfied public and participants, while demonstrating our vast expertise in advancing the folk and cultural background of our region and country.

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