Aksaray Provincial National Education Directorate is a public body which is responsible for all education and training activities in Aksaray province. There are 466 education and training institutions both formal and private under our Directorate’s control. There 83.000 students including pre-primary, primary, secondary and high school education in Aksaray. In Aksaray Provincial National Education Directorate there is 1 director, 2 vice-directors, 13 branch directors, 16 education inspectors, 103 civil-servants and 5 project experts to carry out it duties according to the laws of Ministry of National Education. There are 17 pre-primary schools, 228 primary schools, 149 secondary schools and 53 high schools in Aksaray.Our Directorate works in coordination with other organizations to implement it tasks better. Currently, as Aksaray Provincial National Education Directorate we have been implementing 1 Comenius Regio, 1 Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership and 1 Youth in Action Project.

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