Tuesday, 9th March


The bus arrived with the Danish partners. I was so happy because Benjamin was going to stay at my place. My parents were also very excited to meet him. When he arrived we went home and showed him our house. We talked all night long and we were feeling so great!


Wednesday, 10th March


The second day started in the auditorium hall, when we had some activities called: “Knowing me, knowing you.”I have found out many things about Benjamin and his hobbies. Later that day, we visited Braila and many important places like: memorial house of Panait Istrati, The Big Garden, The Old Center, The Clock and so on.


Thursday, 11th March


In the third day, we went to classes and they have seen how we learn every day. They presented themselves to other Romanian students and made friends.After school, we had free time, and we decided to go shopping at the mall.



Friday, 12th March


On Friday, Benjamin left for Busteni, where he had to spend his weekend visiting memorial houses and castels.I had to stay in Braila because on Saturday was the Mathematic Olympics which I had to take part in. On his way to the resort, he went to I.L.Caragiale’s memorial house in Ploiesti; after that, he visited Iulia Hasdeu’s castle and Ion Grigorescu’s memorial house.



Saturday, 13th March


The next day , I have arrived very late at the hostel with the rest of the teachers involved in the project. I spent my night there, at a little party with the other Danish partners.


Sunday, 14th March


On the last day of our trip we visited the Bran Castle and then we left foot Braila.We arrived very late that night, at about 12. We went to bed , because the next day we had a hard day.


 Monday, 15th March


The program for this week was  great! We went to school, met with the others in the auditorium hall and presented our projects about different personalities from our countries. After school, we went home, ate, and in the evening we had to go on a ship and make a trip on the Danube river. The view was absolutely perfect! Although the wind was blowing, we enjoyed ourselves. We took great pictures together!



 Tuesday, 16th March


On Tuesday, we went to Galati and visited the University. After this, we arrived at the Maria Filotti Theater in a rush. We listened to a great singer from Braila who sang traditional songs from our country.




Wednesday, 17th March


It was the last day of the Danish students here, in Braila.I decided with my family to take Benjamin to the Salt Lake’s Monastery. The atmosphere was incredible and he said to me that in Danemark there aren’t so much monasteries like in our country. Benjamin was quite sad, because he was missing his family and his friends. After visiting the monastery, we went on the Danube river’s banks and admire the beautiful view.” Romania has so many treasures ! You must be very proud of your country!” Benjamin said to me. That day I felt like I was getting closer to him and a strong connection was between us. Later that day, we went to the museum to see a show and after that we learned some Romanian traditional dances.


 Thursday, 18th March



I still remember that day, when Benjamin left. I miss him because he was like a brother to me. Although I have made many friends among the Danish students, Benjamin was the best ! I just can’t wait to meet him again!






The First  day

I arrived at Benjamin’s house happy, but tired after such a long flight. I met his family and friends and they made me a good  impression.  From  the  first  moment  his  parents  made  everything  possible  for me  to  feel  like home. We took dinner after that we stayed up and talked about different topics.

The second day

We visited the school and after that the went in the city to visit the centre .

The third day

The third day was one of my favourite days there. We took part in a Biology class where we had to dissect a pork’s heart and his lumbs. After that, we visited the Danish Crown which was very impressing.

The fourth day

We left for Arhus. I was very lucky having Benkamin by my side. He explained me many things. The Stenomuseum and  the exhibition “AsgerJorn” were the best parts of that day. His paintings were unique and different from what I was used to. But it was definetelly worth it.

The fifth day

We had to take part in a debate . My topic was: DNA Database  . I think we did quite well.  After that, we went to the art museum. It was a great lesson about creativity and inspiration.

The sixth day

We went on the footsteps of Hans Christian Anderson. I have never imagined I will ever visit this place. After visiting the city, we left for Wigwam, a camp where we had to stay for the whole weekend. We cooked, played games, and made a beautiful camp fire.

The seventh day

We made a movie about How to save our Planet. We presented in our movie some methods like: recycling, stop waisting the water, the energy and so on. Later that day, we left tha camp, after cleaning the bedrooms, for our homes.

The eighth day

We took part in some Danish classes and after that we went to the Industrimuseum. Quite interesting, I can say. I really loved it.


The ninth day

We visited VIA University where we met Alex, a student from Romania. He was in the second year there and he actually presented us the University and told us how life in Denmark was. A smart boy I could say. I was proud of him.

The tenth day

The saddest day ever. It was the last day in Denmark. We had a giant buffet at school . We presented our project about saving the planet. After that, we went home to pack my things.


The next day we left Denmark with tears in our eyes. Benjamin’s parents were great. I miss the a lot. This was a great experience which I will never forget. I hope one day, I will meet Benjamin again and talk about those days when we played Wii with his brother, or about the day when his father made four different types of pizza just to be sure I will like one of them. I had a great time with them, and I could say, they were like my second family. I learned a lot from this experience. Good things, bad things, all that matters is to get on  well with each other, Romanians or Danish. We established many friendships and it will be quite nice to last forever.