DAY 1:   -Wait for our partners to come

               - Meet them

DAY 2:   -Show them our school

               -Knowing each other games in the auditorium

               -Danish Lessons

DAY 3:   -Inventors collage- knowing each other’s country

-The tour of Braila (D.P.Perpessicius, the Big Garden, The Clocktower)

DAY 4:   -Trip to Busteni

               -We have visited I.L.Caragiale Memorial House, Nicolae Grigorescu museum, Hasdeu Castle

DAY 5:   -We have gone to Brasov to see The Bran Castel

               -Free time in Brasov

               -Coming back to Busteni

DAY 6:   -We have visited the Peles Castle

               -Coming back to Braila

DAY 7:   -Finish our projects

               -Boat ride on Danube

DAY 8:   -We have watched a theatre play

 -The Danish students have visited a university in Galati

DAY 9:   -Hariclea Darclee art school’s students have presented us a singing and dancing show

 -We have learned a Romanian dance

DAY 10: -Danish students and teachers leave Romania….Goodbye…We will miss you




The story of our visit

Monday the 28th of March:

          We left Braila at 12.00 am. At 7.00 pm we arrived in Denmark, a very beautiful country.

          We ate and then we went to sleep.

Tuesday the 29th March:

           We met at school at 9.00 am and then we had a tour around the school with our Danish friends.

           We worked at our “Dilemma debate”.

           After school, we went at the mall and then we went back to our new families.

Wednesday the 30th of March:

We had a very interesting project at Biology that day. We had to dissect the heart of a pig. It was         so cool!

After that we went to Danish Crown. Surprising for us, it was a slaughter house! It was very interesting how pigs are transforming into…well… meat.

At 5.30 pm we went at the bowling night. It was something new for me, because hadn’t been at bowling before that night.

Thursday the 31st of March:

That day, we went to Arhus and we have visited Stenomuseet and Aros (a special exhibition of “Asger Jorn”).

           After that, we saw a performance at OPGANG 2.

Friday the 1st of April:

We met at school at 8.00 am and then we left to the Art museum. The museum was very       interesting and I loved it!

           After that, we went back to school and had our Dilemma Debate.

           We learned some Danish too!

Saturday the 2nd of April:

          We went to Odense and we have walked around next to Hans Christian Andersen.

          In the afternoon, we went to Wigwam and I had to cook on the first day!

Sunday the 3rd of April:

We made some posters or videos about how to save the planet.  We ate marshmallows (again,    first time for me).

At the end of the day our families came to pick us up.

Monday the 4th of April:

           We went to school at 8.50 am and we had a Danish class.

           At 12.00 pm we went at “Industrimuseum”. The boy were fascinated by the old trains, but I,                                                   

          personally, found really interesting the evolution of a family in 100 years.

          In the evening, we went to the cinema to see “I am number four”. It was cool. 

Tuesday the 5th of April:

         In the morning, we went to school and then we left to VIA University.

         I liked it because we met some Romanians there, some of them were had been students of our class master.

Wednesday the 6th of April:

        In the morning, we went to school and in the afternoon we went to the mall.

        In the evening, we went to the giant buffet where we have presented our projects.

Thursday the 7th of April:

        We left Denmark at 9.00 am…


     The visit in Denmark was an opportunity for all of us. We’ve learned many things. There, I realized    that I what I want to become when I get older.

     Thank you, Denmark! We love you, guys… I hope we’ll meet again!