The project’s diary

Tuesday(9 th of March):

Tuesday  was the day when the Danish children arrived in Braila.I took my partner,Sabine, from the bus and then we went home.When we arrived home we ate pasta and my partner took a shower while I was writing some of my homework for the next day.Then we went to sleep,because Sabine was very tired after the long trip.

Wednesday(10 th of March):

We woke up at 8  a.m.,went to the bathroom,had breakfast and then went to school by my mother’s car.When the classes ended we went to my uncle’s pizzeria.After we ate,my grandfather took us home by his car.When we arrived home we played on the computer.At 4  p.m. my mother arrived home and took us to the swimming pool.At half past 8 p.m. we came back home where we ate and then each of us took a shower.At 10  p.m. we went to sleep.

Thursday(11 th of March):

We woke up at 7   a.m.,we ate and went to school.At 2  p.m. we went to my grandparents where we had lunch.At  4  p.m. we came back to school and then all of us went to Perpessicius’s Memorial house,to the big garden and then we visited the ,,Saint Nicolae’’ church.Then,my father took us home by his car and went home where we ate something.At 8  p.m. we went to Ioana’s house,because Ioana’s partner is Frederikke,the best friend of Sabine.There we had a great time because we talked and all felt great.We arrived back home at 10 p.m. and packed our bags for the next day,because we went on a trip for 3 days.

Friday(12 th of March):

We woke up at 8 o’clock a.m and went to the exchange office to change money from euros to Romanian currency for the trip.After that,we went to the bus .In Ploiesti,we visited Ion Luca Caragiale’s museum.In Campina,we visited Nicolae Grigorescu’s  museum and Iulia Hasdeu’s castle,the place where her father talked with Iulia,after she died.At 7 p.m. we arrived in Busteni.After we had put our bags in our rooms we went to the dinner and then to a little party.When this little party ended we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Saturday(13 th of March):

We woke up at 7 o’clock a.m. and had the breakfast at 8 a.m..Then we went to Bran Castle.After that we had a little bit of free time in Bran.There,some of my classmates and I went to the Scary house and then to a scary 5D film which was very short.Then we all went to Brasov.There we had free time.In Brasov,my classmates and I went to Mc Donald’s where we ate something and then we went shopping.From Brasov,I bought a nice shirt for myself.Then we went back to the bus and came back to Busteni,where we went directly to dinner.After the dinner,we had a nice party,where we danced.At 11 p.m. we came back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Sunday(14 th of March):

On Sunday we woke up at 7  a.m. and had breakfast.Then we went to Cezar Petrescu’s Memorial house and then we had free time in Busteni.Me and my classmates went in a park and played there.Then we ate lunch and went to the Peles castle in Sinaia.This was the place where the king Carol 1 of Romania and his wife stayed in spring and summer.Finally,at 11  p.m. we arrived back home,where we ate something and went to sleep.

Monday(15 th of March):

On Monday we woke up at 7 o’clock a.m. and went to school.After school we went to my grandparents and had lunch.At half past three  we had a boat trip on the Danube.After that my partner,went to mall with her friends,without me.My mother was a little bit angry because she went alone to the mall,but Sabine understood that she had made a mistake.When she arrived back home,we played on the computer and then went to sleep.

Tuesday(16 th of March):

On Tuesday we woke up at 7 o’clock a.m. and went to school.After school,we went to my uncle’s pizzeria for lunch.After that,my partner went to the University of Galati,but  my classmates and I didn’t have enough space in the bus,so we stayed home.When they arrived back,we all went to the theatre.Someone showed us the theatre and then we saw a musical play.Then we came back home and ate something.At 10 p.m,we went to sleep.

Wednesday(17 th of March):

On Wednesday,we woke up at 7  a.m. and went to school.After school,we went to my grandparents with Frederikke,because her partner,Ioana,felt ill and wanted to go home.So,we  had lunch and then I did my homework.At 4  p.m. we went to the history museum.We saw some kids there,from the art school,who sang and danced.After that we went to school,to the gymnasium and there we learnt a traditional dance.Then,my father took us home.We ate something and my partner packed her bags for the next day,when she would be leaving Romania.We also took some photos and gave Sabine some presents.At 10 p.m. we went to sleep.

Thursday(18 th of March):

We woke up at five o’clock and went with Sabine to the bus.I said goodbye to her and then,at half past 6 a.m. she left and I was very sad.




Trip to Danmark



Monday,28th of March

     On Monday, at midnight we left Braila by bus. Then, we travelled by plane from Bucharest to Copenhagen. After that, we took the train and after three hours and a half, we arrived in Horsens. Our parteners were waiting for us very happy and they took us to their places. I also stayed with another girl from my schoolat my partener’s place, because the girl who stayed last year at my place left Stensballeskolen for college. When we arrived at Sidsel’s home, we ate with her parents and her little brother and then we went to sleep, because we were very tired.

Tuesday,29th of March

      On Tuesday morning we went to Sidsel’s school, where we made a tour of it, then we assisted in groups to some ordinary classes. We also had to prepare a debate for Friday on scientific topics. After school, we went by bus in the city center. The Danish students showed us the theatre, a church and other museums. Then, we had some free time for shopping. After shopping we went back to the families, where we served dinner and then we went to sleep.

Wednesday,30th of March

     On Wednesday we worked on the langs of a pig on groups, at our parteners at school. Then, we left school in order to visit Danish Crown, a factory where are killed pigs. There, we saw how the pigs were killed, by an advanced technology and we also saw the final products from the killed pigs, the meat. After that, we had some free time, so we wentto Sidsel’s friend, Mathilde. We had fun there. At half past five, we went to a bowling club. First, we played bowling on groups and then we served dinner there. We had such a great time there! Then, we came back to the families and went to sleep!

Thursday,31st of March

     On Thursday, we went on a trip to Arhus, a city that was pretty close to Horsens. First, we visited Stenomuseet, a scintific museum. I enjoyed very much visiting that museum, I think it was my favourite, esspecialy the scintific shop, where I bought lot of souvenirs. After that, we served lunch and we went to Aros, an art museum, where we saw a special exhibition of Asger Jorn’s paintings. After that, we spent our free time at a shopping center and then we went to a theatre play and that was very nice.

Friday,1st of April

     On Friday, we went to other Art Museum and after that we came back to school for Danish classes. The next hour, we had the debate, after we gained some information from the scintific museum in Arhus. In the evening we had free time, so some of Sidsel’s friends, that were from the project, came with their Romanian parteners to my partener’s place, so we served a Mexican dinner and we had a nice movie night, because we watched a film called ,, Ink heart ‘’. After all the guests left, we went to sleep.

Saturday,2nd of April

     On Saturady we went to Odense, a nice city where the writer Hans Christian Andersen was born. There, we visited his memorial house, where people were celebrating 250 years since he was born. After that, we had some free time in the center of the city. When we came back in Horsens we didn’t go to the families, because we stayed at Wigwam, a cottage where we spent a night togheter. Before that, some students cooked dinner, other prepared the table for dinner and other clened after dinner. We also made a big fire and we ate marshmallows. Then, we went to sleep.

Sunday,3rd of April

     On Sunday morning we served breakfast at Wigwam. After that, we had a project on ecological topics and we needed to choose making a video or a poster. Me and my team made a nice video, by showing people how bad is to waste water and other natural resources. We also made a poster on the same topic. After we ate lunch, we made our lagguages and in the afternoon we went back to the families. In the evening, we saw a nice movie called Indiana Jones.

Monday,4th of April

     On Monday, we had Danish classes and then, we went by bus to the ,, Industriumuseum ‘’, where we saw some old devices and old flats. After visiting the museum, some of us went in the center of the city for shopping. Then, we came back to the families and in the evening we went to the cinema, where we saw the movie called ,, I am number four ‘’. I relly enjoyed the cinema night.

Tuesday,5th of April

     On Tuesday, we assisted at ordinary classes of Danish students. After that, we went to VIA University, where we were guided by Romanian students that were studying there. We also served lunch and assisted at a presentation of what we could studied there. Then, me, Irina and my partener went to Cecilie’s place to celebrate her birthday. At five o’clock all the guests and their Romanian parteners came. We had a really great time at Cecilie.

Wednesday,6th of April

     On Wednesday, we assisted at classes and then we went to a highschool in Horsens. We visited it and a teacher from there presented us something about the highschool. Then, we went back to the families, we dressed formal and because it was the last day in Horsens, we went back to school to set tables for the final party. We served dinner and presented the materials that were made during our seating at Wigwam. I really enjoyed that evening!

Thursday,7th of April

     On Thursday, we left Horsens. I was sad, because I had a great time there and I didn’t want to leave, but I was also happy to see my friends and my family in Romania!