It was the first day of my new adventure. I had to meet new students, new cultures.I was so excited because I really wanted to make a good impression and also good friends. The second day started in the auditorium hall, when we had some awsome activities called: “Knowing me, knowing you.” It was a great opportunity for me and Sidsel to get closer and know more things about each other. In the third day we assisted to classes. Danish students presented themselves to other Romanian students and made friends. After school, we had free time, and we decided to go shopping at the mall and there we played bowling too. On Friday we went to Busteni and spend our weekend visiting memorial houses and castels. In Ploiesti we went to I.L.Caragiale’s memorial house; after that, we visited Iulia Hasdeu’s castle and Nicolae Grigorescu’s memorial house. In the next day of our trip we went to Bran Castle and then to Brasov. In Brasov we went to restaurant and than at shopping. In the evening we had a nice party where we could listen to music, dance and chat. On the last day of our trip we visited the Peles Castel  and then we came back in Braila. We arrived very late that night, at about 11 so we went to bed because we, me and Sidsel, were so tired. In the next day we went to school, met with the others in the auditorium hall and presented our projects about different personalities from our countries. On Tuesday, we went to Galati and visited the University. After this, we arrived at the Maria Filotti Theater in a rush. We listened to a great singer from Braila who sang traditional songs from our country. It was the last day...In the last evening me and my parents decided to go with Sidsel at some shops in that way Sidsel had an opportunity to buy  traditional souvenirs, gifts for her family. It was the day when the Danish parteners leave for the airport.  We accompany them and wish them good luck! The moment when Sidsel left, I felt very sad. I still miss her and can’t wait to see her again last year when Romanian students will visit Denmark !