My diary


First day of our project was Tuesday, March 9. A special day. At  17  o`clock our danish partneres  arrived in Braila. Our meeting  was very very exciting. I had many emotions, because I didn`t  know very much about my girls. We got home. We discussed a lot of things ... about us in general and about  their way to our country.

The next day we woke up at 6:30 then,  we have prepared and finally, we went to school. This part of the day I can say that was the same in each day. In the auditorium we had a lot of activity. We started with some activities introductory-knowing me, knowing you-only which was only for students. Then followed the  official welcome, a  meeting with the Headmaster and we showed  the guests our school.  After that each of us went to classes with our partneres to meet other  Romanian students. Like every day,  the morning activities ended with the danish class for us, and for the partneres romanian class.A fter we finished at the Danish class, which take one hour, we turned back home for the lunch break .Then we had free time for the rest of the day. We decided to go to the mall.

 Thursday, we woke up at the same hour, we went  to school, we had a class observation and then  a class attendance. Then  we started to made a common work –a collage on inventors in our area, on groups. At 14 o` clock we returned back home for the lunch. After 2 hours, we had a cultural tour, we  Followed the tracks of personalities in Braila . We visited to the memorial house of  Perpesicius. After we had all afternoon free, so we decided to walk through Braila. We arrived home very tired.

For the next day i can say that was really busy. We had a class attendance then classes of romanian or  danish. At 13:00 we had a project meeting, morking session  in the auditorium hall. Then we went home to eat the lunch. After that we returned hurry up at school again for finish our project working session for that day. Then we went together in a cultural visit in Braila-memorial house of Panait Istrati and Ana Aslan. Then we turned back home and we started to preapare for our beautiful trip on the mountain.

            Friday.  A long long day. We woke up very early and we went to Busteni.  The title of that day was certainly “Cultural visits  -Following the tracks of great Romanians.”  Early morning we went  to the mountain. On all the way we stopped to visit some important memorial houses like Nichita Stanescu,Iulia Hasdeu  Ion Grigorescu, George Enescu. Finally we arrived in Busteni. We  took the dinner, and the very tired we returned back in our villa.

Saturday. All day long at mountain.We took our lunch and then we visited some memorial houses from Busteni. Then we went in a minitrip. We visited the Bran Castle. Our partneres  were amazed and we were very much delighted about the mysterious castle.

The next day.... we served the breakfast and then we went to visit  the Peles Castle. It was so impressive! After that we got on our bus and went back home.

Monday.  We started this day with a class attendance. Then we learned some Danish. At 11:00 we had a common work, a project session. We finished our work with the collage, that was something creative and fun, I liked  it. Then in the same auditorium hall we had a meeting with the teachers for  the comparison between systems of education. Than we turned home for the lunch break. We came than back to school for a boat ride on the Danube river. After that , free time. We went again with everybody in mall. We had a lot of fun.

The next day,  nothing unusually. Class observation, than we lerned a Danish poem.  We had the Danish class. A project meeting and the lunch break. We came back to school for a meeting project. Then we went to Galati. We visited there the University of Galati- higher system of education. Then we turned back in Braila to watching a play- Matia Filotti Theatre.  We were very tired so, we went home.

            Wednesday, the last day of activities together. We had a class observation then we started a commun work . We were gathering the materials for the leaflet in the computers room, then we had again a project meeting in a auditorium hall. We went home at 14:00 o ` clock for the lunch. Then we retunded back for a common activity with the art school. We learned a Romanian dance art.

The last day....was so bad and so sad. Our partners left Braila for the airport. We cried all day. I have shared with they  feelings and  great moments really special and beautiful.