First Day(Tuesday, 10/3/2010):

The first day was a very nice one. At 17:30 me and my mother was waiting  for my project partner, Frederik, to arrive in front of my school.At 18:00 they arrived with all his classmates and they have been welcomed by my schoolmates and my teachers. After that, we took him to my home. I showed him his room. The bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, in brief, i presented him my house.We played a little Wii,  till the dinner has been ready.On the table were romanian dishes like „sarmale” and „ciorba” , roe, onion and toast. Frederik didn’t eat much of them because he was feeling bad from the flight, but all gone better from the next day.He gave me that night an very nice gift: a book with Hans Christian Andersen’s 14 famous fairy tales and my parents one too.

        Second Day(Wednesday, 11/3/2010)

We had  breakfast then we went to school. We did some introductory activities and I learnt some Danish and Frederik learnt some Romanian. After that, we came back home and I began studying, while Frederik was talking to his friends on my computer.In the night my parents came home and we took the dinner. My dad and I talked with Frederik about where he had been before in holidays. That day nothing special happened, almost like it was really boring.

        Third day(Thursday, 12/3/2010)

Thursday wasn’t a great day. After we came back from school I saw all the 10th grade students following our way to home and I wondered:”Why everybody is going this way?!”.The answer was: The 10th grade students, their partners and my classmates’ partners(less Alexandru’s) were going to Bella Italia pizzeria. He asked me if he can stay with his friends.


The first time I declined because I remembered that yesterday I asked him what would he like to eat the next day, and he answered me that spaghetti, but he seemed to get upset. Therefore, I let him to go and meet him at 16:00 for the cultural tour. When I arrived home I told my mom what happened and she got upset because she cooked spaghetti special for him, and he prefered to eat pizza.


And so the day went off.

        Fourth day(Friday, 13/3/2010)

From the morning we went to the bus which had to bring us to the mountain side.


We arrived in the night and everyone was very tired. But, before of going to sleep, we had taken the dinner at an restaurant. Therefore, everyone went to his cottage. Ours was very nice. I stayed in room with Dan and Alexandru.

        Fifth day(Saturday,14/3/2010)

First day at mountain was great except two things which I’ll say later. We woke up very early and go for breakfast. After that we went to the bus and go for the historical monuments in different places. It was a very long trip; it lasted all the day! After that we went to take the dinner which was disgusting!This is one of the reasons it was a bad day…In that night we had a party. I didn’t like it. In the first part, Dan and Alexandru were watching a football match, the worst thing on TV for me, when others came and turned to MTV. Again bad music, so we(my class mates) didn’t want to dance. Therefore we came back to our cottage. Alexandru drawed some winds before we fell asleep, so we couldn’t sleep.

        Sixth day(Sunday,15/3/2010)

It was a great day The morning was the same as the previous day. The afternoon was the same as the previous day(very tiring).Arriving back to take the dinner, we had a snowballs battle.It was soooo cool.In the evening we went to Braila and arrived there in the night.


        Seventh day(Monday,16/3/2010)

We woke up and went to school as normal.In the afternoon we went on Danube with an old Romanian war boat,  following a local hero –Terente. After that, I went home and Frederik to the mall with 10th grade students and their partners.

        Eighth day(Tuesday,17/3/2010)

Morning  as normal.At school I learned some Danish and in the evening we went to a theatre play. After that my mom picked us up and we took the dinner home.

        Ninth day(Wednesday,18/3/2010)

This is the last day.In that evening after we were at museum where we assissted at some romanian dances and instrumental music show, we went at our school and we learned some romanian dances.

        Tenth day(Thursday,19/3/2010)

The coach which had to drive them to the airport was leaving Braila at 6:00 so Frederik had to wake up very early. My dad bringed him there.