Denmark – Romania Exchange


Denmark is an amazing country and there are a lot of unforgivable memories from our trip there. Everybody tried his best and I believe that we all get on well and we made great friends. Also, we had lots of projects based on communication which were very interesting and we had definitely broadened our horizons.

The most appealing thing to me was VIA University, which I really found amazing. There were studying many Romanian students and also from all over the world. It is worldwide known for its international character and the quality of education. It’s a great university which can provide a student with a high level of knowledge. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to make their own projects and magazines and also to apply at different firms in order to decide over their future job.

We also visited the house of Hans Christian Anderson, which is very famous in our country. I believe this was an important goal because we got there exactly on his celebration event. For this reason, there were lots of people and events. We also took souvenirs in order not to forget this unique experience.

Even if the road was long and tiring, we managed to get ourselves in a good mood because in the mornings we went to school and attended some classes. Everybody was really nice and we learned fast the surroundings. Taking part in classes was very interesting and beneficial because we learned that the Danish educational system is based on creativity and communication.

What’s remarkable about our visit is the fact that we had lots of activities. Some on them supposed visiting museums. This was a delight because we had the chance of admiring the talent of the most famous Danish painters. Moreover, we went to a science museum. This was a thrill because we learned lots of useful information.  On the weekend we went to Odense, where we slept over. It was a scout camp and we enjoy cooking and playing different games. It was fun and we became more closed.

On our free time we made interesting activities, for example we go to bowling. I hadn’t played before, but I had a blast trying and laughing with the rest. Everybody was nice and ready to help you, if you need it. On the last night, we made some presentation, which turned out to be very funny. However, the message was clear and presented solutions at the question:”How to save the world?”

To sum up, I would definitely say that it was a unique experience which I will never forget and I would gladly make it again!