Tuesday, the 9th of March,2010

Today was the big day. At  5 o`clock  Mathilde finally arrived. I picked her  up with my mom from my college. She came home and we had a quiet  dinner with my family. After that, we went out with a couple of my colleagues and 2 of Mathilde`s  friends : Cecillie and Siedsel .


Wednesday ,  the 10th of March ,2010

Today, Mathilde and I went to school and she meet my colleagues and a part of my teachers. It was great because se got the opportunity to know more about our country and everybody treated her like she was a part of my classroom . we had some activities at the auditorium hall about our city and our college.

I had a Danish class with a teacher named Denis and Mathilde had a Romanian class. It was awesome because we learned words in Danish / Romanian and we tried to communicate in out natives languages , not in English. We had a lot of fun.

In the afternoon we went to the mall with the hall group. We shopped and played bowling. Mathilde was really great. She won and I was so glad that she really seemed to be enjoying the game.

After that , we went to a short walk throw the city and to the Danube`s cliff.

Thursday, the 11th of March , 2010

Today we had an activity at the auditorium hall about personalities of our city and  college and a brief presentation about Horsens.

Today we  visited some of our memorial houses and some of our monuments .

I had the opportunity to show Mathilde my city and to talk with her. Tonight we had a little chat about  our families and our friends and it was great to find out more about her and about Denmark. After that we packed and rested for the trip.

Friday, the 12th of March,2010

In the morning we left for Brasov. I stayed with her in the bus and we talked about the roud. We visited some memorial houses : Ion Grigorescu, George Enescu, Ion Luca Caragiale, Iulia Hasdeu. Our favourite was Iulia Hasdeu`s memorial house , even if it was pretty scary.

We arrived at our hotel and we spend some quality time together. We all gathered in a big room ,here in the hotel, and we played music and we danced and it was so nice. We all had such a great time. We all had the opportunity  to know each other better .

 Saturday ,  the 13th of  March, 2010

Today was a full day. We visited the Bran Castle and the Rasnov Castle in Brasov. Unfortunately  Rasnov Castle was in renovation and we couldn`t visit it. After that we had some free time in Brasov where we shopped. Later that day we arrived at the hotel  and repeat the episode with the music and dance.




Sunday, the 14th of March,2010

We spend our last trip day visiting Peles Castle , the memorial house of Petre Ispirescu. We also visited Busteni resort and ate the best shaorma ever. We arrived home and we slept about  12 hours because we were very tired after  the trip were we had so much fun .

Monday, the 15th of March ,2010

The special thing about today was that after school ,in the afternoon ,we went to a boat ride to the Danube river.

 At 7 o`clock my parents and I held a special traditional dinner with the Danish coordinators of the project. It was one of the best nights because we had the opportunity to show them how hospitable are the Romanians. My mother prepared traditional food for them. I invited another girl that was involved in the project . I think that it was an interesting experience for them too because I think that the teachers were as interested in our customs as the pupils.

We talked about a lot of topics like history , geography, tradition , culture and the most pleasant topic was ,of course:  how us , the Romanian and Danish teenagers , spend our free time.

Tuesday,the 16th of March ,2010

Today we visited Galati. This is a vey close city. We saw the University of Galati. After that we saw a play Maria Filloti theatre. There was a man and a women that sang  Romanian traditional songs. 

Tonight Mathilde and I watched a movie that both, Mathilde and I, waited to appear for a coupe of months. I thing that we really bonded tonight . We laughed a lot and we took some pictures together. We had a pajama party.

Wednesday , the 17th of March,2010

We started the day with a big laugh because when we got out of bed I was so sleepy that I`ve forgot what day was and I thought that it was Saturday and I didn`t had to get up so early. We dressed , ate and went to school.

In the afternoon we went to the Museum of Braila and attended to an art program. There were some students that danced, sang and recited poems. It even was a girl that sang a Danish song. I didn`t understood the lyrics but the Danish students said that it was a song about harmony and nature.

Because this was her last night in Romanian and our last night together, we went to a pub with some other Romanian and Danish students. We had a lot of fun because we dances and sang songs..in English of course. We said “good bye” properly.

After we arrived home, I helped her to pack and I gave her my present for her. I hope that she liked it an that she will not forget me until I will visit her next year.

We talked and  it seemed like the time was flying away so quickly because we got in bed very late. We ustill had some things to talk about and I think that we will never get bored together.










 Thursday, the 18th of March,2010

At 6 o`clock in the morning I accompanied her to the bus. We said good bye and we hugged
. It was a very emotional moment because everybody was crying and we all wanted to spend a little more time together.  I really got used with her presence, even if she stayed such a short time at my place . I think that I will really miss her a lot. This was a great experience for me because I`ve learned so much from Mathilde Randlev Møller , my new friend Mathilde.

I think that after this first part of the project I`ve become more open minded about other countries and I`ve really understood the real mean of the European Union: that we all are the same and different in the same time and that in fact, we all have to be friends . We all have to learn how to accept each other and more than that, to collaborate in peace and understanding and maybe one day all of the Globe`s countries will have the same principles and objectives.




Project Diary

By Barbu Cezar

Monday the 28th of March:

We left Braila  at 00:15 in the morning. I came a bit later so my luggage was standing in the back  of the bus.

We were all excited of  this  trip because it was a new life experience ready to begin.

The trip to Bucharest seemed very long, but as we reached there we said:

 „ We are already there?!”.   Our flight departue was at 6:00 in the morning so we got enough time to even eat something or chatting, by the check-in.

 It was the first time I flew with the company Air France. Dan said he had flewn before and they really know to do their job, but that time the happenings showed something different.

The Charles de Gaulle airport was so big that we ran all our way through it. After the check-in procedures we could finally rest and eat something. Again we flew with Air France and it happened like the last time.

The airport in Copenhagen wasn’t so big like the other one (I’m not referring to Otopeni!). From there we (tried) to take the train to the rail station, but we made some mistakes that we took the train in the wrong direction. We were on the right road but on the wrong way.

The trains there are very advanced and very fast. They work with aprox. 150  km/h and you can hear a fly in the same time. This is incredible!

So far, so good. When we arrived we saw a crowd there with Danish flags. They were all waiting for us - our fans.  I saw Claus and after 1-2 minutes we left for his home. His father, Hans, was also there.  He was really nice with me. So after I carried my huge baggage all the way through the rail station we reached the car, then we left.

I liked his house;  also all houses there are all different from Romania.

  I’ve met every member of his family, I gave them some gifts and then  I went to sleep.



 Tuesday the 29th of March

In all the mornings from now I ate just milk with cereals so I don’t need to say this in every day’s diary.

We went to school. I was very impressed: it was totaly different from CNNB.  The students made us a guided tour through the school.

The main differences were that it was bigger than our school and more advanced than every school in Braila I can say.

They had laboratories for every class. For biology, for chemistry,  for sport, for cooking but also they had classrooms for ordinary classes.







After the tour , we had a Dilemma debate where we got to get information about certain subjects for Friday when we would have to discuss them. My subject was artificial insemination and I was against it.

After that we watched some ordinary classes. Those were two classes of math 

 In the afternoon we had a guided tour in the centre of the city. We visited a church then we walked along a main street of Horsens with a lot of shops


Wednesday the 30th of March

 At school, in the morning, we had biology class  with group work. The teacher gave us a paper with some tasks, but those were in Danish so I couldn’t understand them.

The only thing I can say is that we cut the heart from the lungs to se how tougher is the left ventricule than the rest of the heart muscles. Then we put a hose in the lungs and I blew through it and the  lungs started to swell.

 In the afternoon we went to Danish Crown, a factory of pig meat. It was  very disgusting the way they are killed and cleared of organs and the smell also

After that tour  we came back home where I ate something and played with Claus’ brother, Mikkel, on PS3

In the evening we went to bowling. I really liked there cause I like bowling and it’s not strange to me because i played it before. We played 2 matches and our group was formed of me, Alexandru, Dan, Miruna, Maria and Roxana. Like when the Danish students came to us, the Danish are staying with the Danish and the Romanian with Romanian

After the bowling matches we dinned out there; which I had nothing to reproach to.


Thursday the 31th of March

We went to Arhus with the bus which is at north from Horsens.

There, the most of our tour was about medicine. There we saw the medicine from the start, then we went in a room about reproduction. We got some information from there about the subject we had to discuss at the Dilemma Debate. Then we watched a presentation in the planetarium about the human body.

After we went to eat something in the surrounding area

In the after noon we visited  Aros, an art museum. We went there for a special exhibition of Asger Jorn.


Altough it was so boring that almost three quarts of our group was sitting  down and waiting for the next picture to be presented, we made it out.

In the evening, before going to a play named Opgang 2, we had the possibility to walk around in the shopping center.

That play was very nice, but it would be more nice if we could understand something by hearing, not only by watching.

Friday the 1st of April

We went to an art museum  named Karolinelundsvej by public bus. We had a guided tour that presented us some scary pictures; well, some of them.

After that, we went back to school where we had our first Danish lesson from our visit. We learnt how to say basic things like greetings and also some animals and terms for a project that we would do in the following week-end.

The Dilemma debate was the next activity. It passed very fast that we didn’t even figured out when the time passed.

We assissted at 2 hours then. One of german, and one of religion.

Saturday  the 2nd of April

From the morning to the afternoon we followed the footsteps of Hans Christian Anderesen in Odense.  As we got there, we went to his memorial house, then through the city.

In the afternoon we went to Wigwam – a Danish scout life house. We were divided in 3 groups and each group had to cook  and to put the tables, but in different days. After that in the evening we ate marshmallows

Sunday the 3rd of April

In the morning our team made a movie and a poster about saving the Earth that we had to present Wednesday. Our subject was about the poor and the rich. Me and Alexandru were the rich and Andreas and Claus were the poor.

In the afternoon we self-cleaned our dormitories- where we slept – and then the parents came to pick us up.

 Monday the 4th of Aprilie

Our second Danish class was in this morning. This time we learnt what to say in a restaurant.

Then we assisted to ordinary classes and then we went to Industrimuseum. It is an museum which presents how the industry developed in Denmark and only. How the civilization evolved during the years

 Then in the evening we went to cinema. It’s a very nice place, very similar to the one the opened in Braila this month. We watched „ I am number four”.

Tuesday the 5th of April

In the morning we assisted ordinary classes - math – then we went to the VIA university. There we stayed until the afternoon came. A Romanian student – that was studying there- presented us the university; well, at least what was the most important.

Wednesday the 6th of April

All the morning we had classes then we went to a gymnasium/high school. There someone presented us about how the education is working in that high school and what profiles does it have.

In the evening we prepared a „giant buffet” and presented our projects about saving the Earth. I enjoyed there very much. After that we were to a place where we played space hokey, biliard, ping-pong, soccer and just had a good time.

In that night I packed my stuff up and got ready for the trip to Romania


Thursday the  7th of April

In the morning we had to be at the rail station at 9. When the train was near, we said good bye to each other, hoping that once we would meet again. Then we all went up in the train and got down at Copenhagen. Then the trip went like when we came here but it’s just reversed.  When we reached the Otopeni airport, some of us lost their baggages. They just remained at Paris. The bus came then and picked us up to Braila. When we arrived there every parent was waiting to see his child/children again.