My diary


In my life until now there were periods that I can’t forget. But the best experience was the time spent with Danish people. I have joined this project in order to make new friends, to improve my English and to learn something new about different cultures. And this was the best choice, even if I never thought that this will be so great.                                      In the first day when we met them I was very nervous and excited. There were many thoughts that crossed my mind: if I am a good host, if I have a good time with them, if I can create new relationships with the others and so on. But the feeling disappeared immediately because I had realized that they were in front of us. So, I took my partner and I went home. There, she met my family and we served the dinner together. Until she went to sleep, because she was very tired, we talked a lot to find out different things about each other.                                                                                                                               

On 10th March we had the first day together, at school. We made some interactive games named: “Knowing me, Knowing you”. After that we had class attendance where our partners met our classmates. In the same day we had a Romanian/Danish class where the Romanian learned Danish words and they learned also some words from our language.  Then, we went home and had free time.  Perfectly for us to shown them the city. So, we decided to go at the mall together to do some shopping. Maybe for boys wasn’t  as interesting as for girls because after 10 minutes they get bored and went to the bowling.  But all in all it was a great afternoon with them.                                                                                                             

 The time passed very fast in the rest of the days, at school. Or maybe it seemed to us because all that we want was to go at the mountain. On Friday we went at Busteni, a town full of tourists that go there for entertainment or to practice winter sports. On your way to Busteni, we visited some memorial houses like I.L. Caragiale and Nicolae Grigorescu’s house. We also visited Iulia Hasdeu’s Castel. She should be considered a role model for teenagers because she was very smart. It is said that she is haunting the castel and moreover that she talked with her father. After visiting all these important places we arrived at our destination.                                                                                                              

The following day we went to visit Brasov, an important city for its beautiful and history. There we had a lot of free time. We went shopping again, we went to eat or drink something and to buy some presents. It was great for us to went sightseeing and to spent more time together.   

After dinner, even if we were a little bit tired, we decided to make our own disco. With a little bit music and a lot of energy we made the most of the “holiday”. The last day was a little bit tiresome because we spent hours in the bus to arrive home.                                     

 My favourite day was Wednesday even if it was the last day. It was a full and interesting day. After classes we went at the museum to see a spectacle and then at the Art school. There, the Danish people learn a traditional Romanian dance. And we too, of course. From 9 to 11 o’clock we went in a “club” to dance and to spent our last  afternoon together. And I can say that it was the best day because after all this time I realized that they were my best friends, family and classmates for a week. Moreover, my partner was great. I thank her for this time. Maybe, in this way I understood what means to have a sister. We saw movies together, talked a lot before we fell asleep, asked for advice, laughed and sang.  I look forward to going in Denmark too because I already miss all of them, especially my partner.



            Journal-my personal thoughts


How can I describe my experience in Denmark? One of the best. From the new things I learned to the people that I’ll never forget. New culture, new mentality, new places, new people. And if I am to sum up all in just one word, this would be INTERESTING. Because I saw, I faced and I did things that impressed me in one way or another.

            Even if I didn’t stay with my partner  that I’ve hosted in Romania, it was great to get to know well somebody else from the project. However, it was easy to familiarize  with the family.

            Arriving in this new place  I could have noticed how different those countries are. But we managed to be friends and a united group. As we went in the first day at school, we began to work at the project that we had to present after three days. The project was named “Dilemma debate” and contained problems that we have to face in our daily life. Divided in groups we had to search for information and to find solutions. To be able to resolve the case much better you had to be in that people’s shoes. We were given some help visiting the “Steno”  museum.  Here we found other details about human body and diseases that can appear.

            First night in Denmark, I’m sure it was for everyone something special. That dinner was perfect to know the family better. You talking about yourself, your family, your country and of course they about their. The second one was “our night” .All the students were at the bowling, spending some time relaxing and having fun. And after one hour when we have tried to get the high score, a big buffet was perfect. All happy and excited for that night, the dinner completed the day.

            Thursday was a full day. Even if the trip to Arhus became tiresome at one point, it was nice to see another city beside Horsens. Being visitors at a museum and  at a special exhibition it was a good source of entertainment. At the end of the day we were invited at a play, special created for us by people who act just for pleasure and because they want to forget about their problems. They didn’t have a place to work and of course no money. Although they knew what they had to face every day, the “actors” were excited and nervous because of us. Even if it wasn’t a play in English, at the begging someone explained us what the play is about and than we easily understand the plot. It was a good way of realizing the evil and the  good side of life. The actors interpreted some gods to show us this.

            On Saturday we had another trip, to Odense. This is knows as the Hans Christian Andersen’s city because here the writer was born. What was special about this visit at his memorial house was that in the same day they have celebrated 206 years since H.C.Andersen  was born. They let off white and red balloons as a sign of what they have celebrated. But what was special about this visit was the feeling. All the stories that I have read when I was young, now made sense. I felt like I had lived again all my childhood.

            After lunch we arrived at Wigwam. A nice camping that “hosted” us for 2 days. We were there just like a big family: cooking, laying the table, clear them after. However, we didn’t just waste the time. What we had to realize was a project based on the topic:”how can we save your planet?” The final results were presented to the teachers and families on Wednesday night. Actually, this was the last night together that’s why we organized a big buffet to say each other goodbye.

To sum up, this experience made me be more mature and responsible for things I do. Also, it was a unique one because I could met a lot of kind people. I will never forget this and I hope I will see them again.