Journal of the project


9th March,2010


Our Danish partners arrived today at school. We were all excited and nervous about seeing them for the first time. When I first met Cecilie I knew that a great friendship will result from this experience and I was not wrong. After we went home she wanted to see the city and with her friends Sidsel and Mathile and their partners we went for a hot chocolate. That night we spent a lot of time getting to know each other and after that we went to sleep because we had a great day ahead of us.


10th March,2010


When we arrived to the high school every student was friendly and welcomed them with big smiles. We went to the auditorium hall where we had an interactive game about getting to know each other, our hopes and fears. After we finished classes, because we had free time we decided to go to the mall and have fun with our guests. We were not wrong about it, we played bowling, went shopping and talked for hours. That was the moment when we all really met each other and had fun for the first time together.


11th March,2010


As in every day Cecilie and I went to school. We all met in the auditorium hall  when we started a project about Romanian and Danish personalities. After finishing classes we all went to Bella Italy and ate because we had to be back at school in one hour. We visited the memorial house of Perpesiciuss, we had a walk in the Public Garden and we showed to them how a orthodox church looks like. They were impressed. Because it was freezing outside we all went and had a hot chocolate, played games, said joke. It was really fun. We were starting  to bound and I was happy. After arriving home Cecilie and I packed our bags for the next bog day.


12th March,2010


This was the day that we all were expecting it. We were going to the mountains. Before arriving to our destination we visited the museum of Ion Luca Caragiale, the house of N.Grigorescu and the castle of Julia Hasdeu. Unfortunately we were separated from our Danish partners and could not enjoy of all that together.


13th March,2010


We visited Bran Castle and had free time in Brasov. It was a great day, all the girls were shopping, trying clothes and all the boys were in sport shops. It was great, the sense of freedom with my new friends. It was our last day so we had a little party back at the villa ,listened to music and dancing.




14th March,2010


After having breakfast we visited Cezar Petrescu`s memorial house and started our way to the Peles Castle. This is the place where the Danish students and teachers were really impressed by its architecture, by his majesty and luxury. I was very glad that they were having quality time with us in our country. Although we would have wanted to stay there for months we had to go home. The way back to Braila was fun at the beginning, we sang songs and played games but in the end almost all of us felt asleep.


15th March 2010


As usual Cecilia and I went to the school. My teachers treated her very friendly and taught her different dances that we used to do when we were little. That day was very exciting because we were having a boat trip on the Danube but it ended up with a big windy storm and we all stayed inside.

My friend organized a dinner party at her home with Danish guest and lucky for us we were invited so Cecilie and I had a great time there.


16th March,2010


As in every day we were at school but after that we were at Galati and visited the University. But what was the most attractive about this day was the play at the theater. I have to say that I had tears in my eyes during the play and I saw that Cecilie had too. I was impressed. Although the play was in Romanian she understood it. She is a great girl.


17th March 2010


Cecilie, the girls and I had lunch for the last time. It was a little sad but we had fun like always. Thank to the Art High-school we enjoyed a live concert at the museum. We also learned traditional dances and they are harder than they look! We all danced together holding hands. It was unique. We were all connected.

Unfortunately this was their last day in Romania so Cecilie and I went home and I helped her with her bags. I had a present for her that will always remember her of Romania, I hope she enjoyed it.


18th March,2010


At 6 in the morning they were living. Although we were all sleepy it was a sad moment with a lot of tears, hugs, kisses and wishes of the best. Cecilia and I promised each other that we will keep in touch and to not be sad because we will see again in one year. I cannot wait to be again with all of them but especially with my Cecilie.