Tuesday, 9th March


17:00 It was the first day of my new adventure. I had to meet new students, new cultures.I was so excited because I really wanted to make a good impression and also good friends. At 17:30 I was waiting for Emilie in front of my High-School. The bus arrived and lots of Danish students went out of it. I introduced myself to them, took Emilie and went home.When we arrived, I have shown her my family, my house and she really liked us. We ate dinner together and then went to bed, because it was quite late.


Wednesday, 10th March


The second day started in the auditorium hall, when we had some awsome activities called: “Knowing me, knowing you.” It was a great opportunity for me and Emilie to get closer and know more things about each other. Later that day, we visited Braila and many important places like: memorial house of Panait Istrati, The Big Garden, The Old Center, The Clock and so on.


Thursday, 11th March


In the third day, we went to classes and they have seen how we learn every day. They presented themselves to other Romanian students and made friends.After school, we had free time, and we decided to go shopping at the mall.



Friday, 12th March


On Friday, we left for Busteni, were we had to spend our weekend visiting memorial houses and castels. On our way to the resort, we went to I.L.Caragiale’s memorial house in Ploiesti; after that, we visited Iulia Hasdeu’s castle and Ion Grigorescu’s memorial house. We arrived at the hostel very late and than we all went to bed.

Saturday, 13th March



The next day of our trip we went to Bran Castle and then to Brasov. I spent more and more time with Emilie and found out many things about her family and friends. We went shopping in Brasov and after that we went back in Busteni. In the evening we had a nice party where we could listen to music, dance and chat. We shared different opinions, hobbies and we made strong connections.



Sunday, 14th March


On the last day of our trip we visited the Bran Castle and then we left fot Braila.We arrived very late that night, at about 12. We went to bed , because the next day we had a hard day.



Monday, 15th March


The week started great! We went to school, met with the others in the auditorium hall and presented our projects about different personalities from our countries. After school, we went home, ate, and in the evening we had to go on a ship and make a trip on the Danube river. The view was absolutely perfect! Although the wind was blowing, we enjoyed ourselves. We took great pictures together!




Tuesday, 16th March


On Tuesday, we went to Galati and visited the University. After this, we arrived at the Maria Filotti Theater in a rush. We listened to a great singer from Braila who sang traditional songs from our country.



Wednesday, 17th March


It was the last day of the Danish students here, in Braila.I decided with my family to take Emilie to Galati, to the Botanic Garden, in the morning. She really liked there. We took pictures of the colored fish and then we saw a 3D movie with dinosaurs. We arrived at school in the auditorium hall, where she had to take part at a Romanian class and I was going to take part in a Danish class.

After school, we went to the museum, where some children sang and danced. We all liked the show and after that it was our turn to learn Romanian traditional dances.It was quite hard but still interesting.



 Thursday, 18th March



It was the day when the Danish parteners  would leave for the airport.  We accompany them and wish them good luck! The moment when Emilie left, I felt very sad, although, I didn’t want to show it, when I arrived home I felt just as a part of me was missing. I still miss her and can’t wait to see her again next year!





I can describe our way  to Denmark  in 2 twords: difficult and tiresome. But it was definitely worth it. When I arrived I was quite happy and I couldn’t wait to see what this experience would  bring  us. I met Emily after a year and many things had  changed. I had butterflies in my stomach because it was something new to me: to live for  10 days in someone else’s house, to be able to understand them and also to get on well with each other.

Everything begins when the train  arrives in the station. The door opens and...a huge surprise , all the students from the project were there with their parents, wainting for us. Everything proved to be enjoyable. So there she is, Emily, with her mum and sister, waiting for me. My hands were shaking and my cheeks were blushing. All my worries vanished until the first „Hi !”...

We went home where they prepared me a nice dinner and a comfortable bed. The house was so beautiful, well designed and all the details looked perfect. It was the beginning of an amazing holiday, I can say...

The next day, we went to school, to visit it and to take part in classes and prepare for the dilemma debate. Later that day, we went in the city and after that, home.

The day started and we didn’t know what would happen to us. We went to school and took part in a Biology class where we had to dissect a heart and to observe the lungs. Later, we went to Danish Crown, the biggest slaughter house in Europe. We had to visit it and I can really say it was quite impressing. Later that day, we went in the city to eat. The centre is full of shops, bakeries and all that you want. We had a great time together.

On Thursday we went to Århus, to visit the Stenomuseum. We took part in a  presentation about reproducing. It was very important for our debate, also. After lunch, we went to a special exhibition “Asger Jorn”. His  paintings and sculptures really impressed me. We were tired, but happy because we were all together and we enjoyed our trip.

Another day, something new and exciting to do. Visiting the art museum was a perfect opportunity for me to find out many interesting things about their culture. We went back to school where we had to finish our debate. I was excited but we did well and in the end everything was ok.

The weekend started with a nice trip to Odense,were we visited Hans Christian Andersen’s house. We left Odense for Wigwam, a huge villa, where we learned to work in paires, to cook, clean, and so on. We played different games and at the end of the day we stood around a camp fire and told stories and jokes.

The next day we left Wigwam for our places, where we relaxed and stayed in with our partners.

On Monday morning we took part in some Danish classes and after  that we went to the Industrimuseum. It was a unique experience that I will never forget.

We also visited VIA University where we met many Romanian students. We also met Alex, a student who presented us the University and told us many things about it.

The last day was very sad for me. We had a giant buffet  where we all took part, Romanian and Danish children, students and also the parents. We presented our projects about saving the planet.We all had a great time together. After that, I went home to pack my things because the next day we were going to leave.

Emilie’s parents were extraordinary. They took care of me when I stayed at them. I think Emilie is a lucky girl having her sister, Sophie, because she is very cute and friendly. I learned many things from this experience. Denmark is a beautiful country which I will definitely visit again. We established friendships that will last forever and memories which we’ll never forget. I miss Emilie and her parents. I really miss those days and maybe, who knows, we will meet again.