Our project INNOVATE.ASPIRE.MOTIVATE – I.A.M. EVOLVING THROUGH MY IDEAS targets at having the students in other countries acquire the basics of two languages  little used in the wider European context – Romanian and Danish, by learning grammar, vocabulary on daily matters, specific themes and pronunciation. The two years  also involve detailed activities and successful cooperation between partner countries, an interdisciplinary approach and focus on interculturality.

The activities will increase the students’ motivation, stimulate their imagination, increase individual ability to turn ideas into action; pupils will, for example, come up with ideas/devices that could in the future improve the quality of our lives and save the environment. Thus, creative mindsets and an increasing positive attitude to creativity in schools will be achieved.

The project is also to play an important role in discovering worthy innovation on various levels, in distinct areas of interest;  the students will gather information about the famous inventors, innovations and scientists from partner countries and discover  common values of two different cultures.

Therefore, the project fosters the innovative and creative abilities, it supports engagement with technology at the same time enhancing the capacity of the human mind. The project  will encourage meaningful creation  rather than knowledge transmission.