Approx. starting date

Activity/mobility description

Destination country (for mobility only)

Which partners involved






Aug –

sept 2009

- preparing information about the project for students, teachers, staff, entire school; parents, local community-disseminated on panels, mails, school websites

- staff meeting – presentation in detail of the project, activities, appeal to encourage students to join the project, to

- planning the activities, setting up clear  tasks for each school and team of teachers of different subjects;

-questionnaires for students – What Romanian/DANISH inventors/inventions/innovators  related to  various fields should to be dealt with and you want to prepare presentation for? Refer to fields like: science, medicine, painting, sculpture, literature, math, etc

- analysis of the questionnaires by the coordinator


Romania and DENMARK

Oct 2009

- start research work on the inventors, inventions/people who opened vistas in different domains; group work

- preparation of short biographies also

- articles in the local press about the partnership

- project diaries , activity portfolio are begun; they will be regularly updated, every  month


Romania and DENMARK

Nov 2009

-survey to establish what daily matters should be tackled when learning vocabulary of the other language

- finish of the presentations started in September; sharing of materials through mails, website; materials could be presented in different form or shapes, to stimulate the creativity of the designers;

- creative activity: devise posters/collages /drawings on the topic:  CREATIVE in Europe/young Creative Europeans


Romania and DENMARK

Dec 2009

- leaflet issued on inventors/innovations/biographies

- glossaries and vocabulary sections prepared for this topic – students from both school devise it together, in 3 languages; (translating words such as life, work,  inventor, to discover, to study, to improve, machine, domain, important,  prize, change, world, etc).

- pupils exchange materials about how they celebrate Christmas in their country

-exchange greetings cards written in 3 languages

- creative activity: devise posters/collages /drawings on the topic(part 2); materials to be presented to the partners during first exchange


Romania and DENMARK


February 2010

- creative activity, on innovative methodological issues: Survey and discussions between teachers: How could educators stimulate and enhance students’ creative and imaginative abilities?

- The students and teachers brainstorm innovative ways of introducing vocabulary or simple grammar rules and exercises  in the  others’ process of learning;they could come up with ideas such as: writing poems, spidergrams, handouts with simple exercises, pictionaries (dictionaries with pictures), etc.

- they produce such materials

-film on youtube /leaflet on basic grammar: words related to 3 topics previously chosen by students

- beginning of language preparation classes for the first country to go on the exchange

- information  available on the schools’ website


Romania and DENMARK




- language preparation classes

- experiments conducted by students in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, with focus on the creativity of the students

- survey for school management : Ideas to improve the educational process in your country

-film on youtube /leaflet on basic grammar: words related to other  daily themes chosen by students

- organising of the first exchange visit: competitions to decide the participant students; students prepare personal portfolio to demonstrate involvement in the project

 Ideas for competitions: best Quote on Creativity and Innovation; essay contest: What does being creative mean to you?

- Writing information  sheets for guests


---------presentation of  institutions, towns, countries , culture of the country of origin as movies or power point ; details about their religion

---------teach each other their own language in lessons prepared by the English teachers involved

---------work on translations of materials

---------participation in competitions; do  project research; devise posters on specific topics

---------participate  exercises of imagination, such as : create a quote on a given topic,  create a poem using some given  words, traslate the best one in both languages so as to be included in the final product, create drawings; 

---------attend classes together the host   students, in different subjects : foreign languages, arts, sciences,  native language, lab work,

---------organise and take part in cultural visits

---------exchange information, presentations, opinions, photos, posters

---------collaborate in writing the multilingual dictionary

---------write  presentations and articles for the local press

---------record short videos that serve learning /teaching the two languages , videos with accent on pronunciation and speaking skills

----------prepare and answer questionnaires in common, as evaluation of the project meeting

* Schedule to be similar during the second visit, unless evaluation survey at its end reveals many aspects should be changed or organised differently



















Romania and DENMARK





























Romania and DENMARK





June 2010

- exhibition related to the exchange; title to be created by the students;

- creative activity: devise posters leaflets on chosen topic: Sciences- steps forward;  materials to be presented to the partners during first exchange

- conclusions drawn by the coordinator  based on the questionnaires given to students and teachers participating to the exchange

- lessons in various subjects with more focus on stimulating the creative skills of the students and teachers;  ideas exchanged by the teachers

-updating the website


Romania and DENMARK





- preparing leaflet about first year of project and on first mobility

- Dissemination of the project leaflets,  products, other  materials created along the first year of project; dissemination to other institutions; article in the press

-exchange of examples of good practices related to methodology of different subjects involved in the project: Their Own Language, Geography, History, Science, Entreprenurship, etc.

- creative activity: for the students: depending on the theme of European Year decided by the European Parliament, students suggest activities to be done together, in groups and international teams






- activities related to the topic of 2010


Romania and DENMARK

December 2010





-competition between the two countries: Save our world – ideas regarding possible near-future breakthrough in the domain they are interested in; students could propose scientific investigations focused on measures, models and conservation of the environment in the future;

----------- students participate in groups of 3-4; prizes awarded such as participating to the exchange

----------- international panel of judges from other countries; we could also invite other countries/schools to participate to our contest

---------- The winner is translated in the other 2 languages and added the glossary


Romania and DENMARK

February March


- language preparation classes

-film on youtube /leaflet on basic vocabulary or  words related to other  daily themes chosen by students

- leaflets on how the two countries celebrate Easter

- updating the website

- Writing information  sheets for guests

- creative activity: How good an entrepreneur are you? Best business idea

-----------students work in groups or individually to create a business plan, along with objectives,  resources, funding, market plan, etc. Best ideas to be presented in classes to the other students involved in the project

----------- judges appraise especially the projects that could have a real application to the real world, those that could turn into really useful /business plans/devices/ ideas to be applied to our living in one way or the other


Romania and DENMARK

April 2011

- language preparation classes


----------improvements are made to the previous schedule,  following the suggestions of the coordinator and participants 

--------- evaluation in common -surveys for all participants, evaluating the fulfilment of the project objectives, expected impact and the success of the activities;



May 2011

- exhibition related to the exchange; title to be created by the students

- gathering, systematising, translating , organising materials for final products : booklet, dvds, photo album


Romania and DENMARK




- creative activity- both for students and teachers:Write a short article (or a paragraph or quote, for younger students) relating your experience working on the project, its positive impact on you, what you learn you, what you liked the best,what difficulties you encountered etc.

- ideas to be used as final evaluation

Issuing of final booklet, realisation on dvds set , photo  album

-information  available on the schools’ website

- dissemination process at various levels


Romania and DENMARK