Nr. Crt






Greta Bujoiu

Hi, my name is Greta Bujoiu and I’m 17. I’m in 11th grade and I have a sister who’s 14.  In my free time I make handcrafts, I play the piano, I paint a lot and I love to draw black and white portraits. I consider that travelling is also my hobby and I’d be delighted to see Denmark. I can make new friends very easily, I’m sociable and I listen to almost all kinds of music. I love animals, I have a dog(breed: Samoyed), a little squirrel, and a turtle.


Catalina Georgiana Buliga


My name is  Catalina Georgiana Buliga I'm14 years old and I'm 9th class.My family consists in three persons-my father  is Adrian,my mother whose name is Maria and I. My father is 39 years old and he is a fire-fighter and my mother is 38 years old and she is housewife(stays at home).The 4th member of the family is my dog which is called Lara. I love my family so much: I like to make new friends, to communicate with other people from other countries and to extend my knowledge. Also I like  dancing,  singing and  walking with my roller skates.


Cristian Marin



        My name is Cristian Marin and I’m 16 years old, that means I’m tenth grade. I would like to introduce my family first. I have one noisy little brother called Mihai and two friendly and happy parents. That’s enough....I’m an optimistic and a very happy person nothing can erase my smile.

        I like all kinds of music but my favourite one is rock. I do practice sports but I like mostly the football. I’m a goalkeeper at one  club from my city. Also I like mental games like chess and I was champion in my county when I was 8 years old.


         My purpose in life is to get a very good doctor in the Army!


        Thanks for your attention!

                         See you later!


Adriana Georgiana Almajan

My name is Adriana Georgiana Almajan, i am 17 years old and I am in 11th grade. I am born on April 26, 1992 in Braila. I could say that I have the greatest parents from all over the world and I am very proud to be their youngest daughter, since I have a wonderful sister who is 21st. I get along with my parents very well because they are modern, open-minded and they  listen and  give me advice whenever I need their help. Referring to my sister I could say that she's my best friend forever. Although she's at University we still keep in touch everyday and talk for hours. About me...I am an ambitious person, always wanting to succeed. My friends are telling me that I am a tender-hearted girl and friendly. In my spare time I enjoy roller-skating, listening to music, hanging out with my friends or even reading a good book.

Yours friendly,


Miruna Chitu

Hi! My name is Miruna. I am twelve. I am an only child .My hobbies are singing and dancing. I wish to be an actress in musicals at Hollywood, but I am too shy. I like listening to dance. I like Michael Jackson very much, especially pop music.
      If you think we can be friends, contact me!
  XOXO  Miruna



Irina Ionita

My name is Irina Ionita and I live in Braila city.I'm a new  student in the national highschool "Nicolae Balcescu ".My passion for English entered in my heart while I was reading my first English book..and oh..when i first arrived on the magic land of England. That place stayed in my life as the place full of legends where everything is different-other mentality ,other way of being and seeing life- an unique land where you feel that everything could be possible-that every dream come true.



Cioaca Eliza Cristina

Ever wanted an imaginary friend who is a good listener, funny, open minded and optimistic? Good with giving advices, enjoys long walks and most of all, traveling? If so, type the adress (same ID for skype) and get in thouch with... Me, Eliza-Cristina Cioaca. I'm 18, senior year in highschool, I like listening to music, hanging around with friends, watching movies and cartoons, and travel. My family is formed from my father, my mother, an older sister, myself and my crazy, wild parrot Zuzu. And the best thing: I am so real! ;)))


Chitaru Vlad Florin

The one and only


I have tried to write this profile too many times to delete the first words one more time, so i'll try to draw myself in 6 lines. My name is Vlad Florin Chitaru, I'm 16 years old and I am in the 10 th grade at the "Nicolae Balcescu" Highschool. Even if I can't realise it right now, highschool helps me grow up, understand the daily problems and teaches me new things such as IT ( in the last 5 years I have qualified 5 times to the National Contest of IT ). But that's enough about school. Even if I'm only 16 years old, I play in a local football team ( I play as a goalkeeper ) in a regional championship for seniors and this is how I earn my pocket money, pocket money that i spend in the weekends with my friends when we go out downtown. This is who i am.


Florina Vioreanu

My family


  My family is the best thing I have. It can't be compared to a priceless treasure because it values more than that.

  To begin with my family is made of my father, my mother and my two little brothers. My mother's name is Dorina. She works for the Ministery of Finance. She is a kind of leader of our local Fiscal Administration. My father's name is Dorin. For the moment he is unemployed. He used to work in the army, but now he stays at home looking after my brothers. Andrew is 6 years old. He is the cadet of the family and of course he is very spoiled. Christian is the 5th grade and he is extremly clever. Even though he is only 11 he speaks well-enough two languages.

  In conclusion I am very proud of my family which I love very much. My home is my castle and it is more valuable than the most expensive diamond in the world!      Me, myself,

  I enjoy reading interesting books written by famous novelists as Charles Dickens who wrote "Great expectations" and "Oliver Twist", the most interesting and attractive novels I have read until now. I also like listening to music in my spare time. My favourite bands are Metalica, Rednex and Codplay.

  I usually do a lot of entertaining things that make me forget all about my problems and make me feel very relaxed





Hello! My name is Luiza. I am in the 9th grade at "Nicolae Balcescu" College.I am 15 years old and I have an older sister, she is almost 20 and now she studies at the University in Manchester.I get along very well with my parents. They are the best! I like long walks at the beach and reading. Sometimes I prefer hiking,but I usually like to swim. Fashion is a huge part of me and my personality.Depending on it I can send a message or the mood I'm in. I love listening to all kinds of music and I enjoy going out with my friends.



Gabriela Mirica

My name is Gabriela Mirica.I am 17 year old..I'm in 11th grade.I don't have brothers or sisters.My parents are my best friends.I admire them very much.I love sports very much. I do volleyball. I  like also  listening to music and reading.I will be very happy to be friend with all of you!


Denisse- Miruna Epifanov

Name: Denisse- Miruna Epifanov

Age : 16 years old

Class : tenth grade

Personality : I am friendly and honest. I enjoy company, I am outgoing and i always want to make new friends.

Hobbies : music, photography, dance, reading  (i think reading is one of the most constructive hobbies a person can have);

I like to help other people by volunteering (at Romanian Rescue Association and Anti-drug Campaign);I play basketball for our school team;

Family : I  have no brothers or sisters. I had inherited my mother's smile and my dad's eyes.  I get on well with my parents. My family is great!

Other stuffs about me:

I love funny movies.

My favourite book is "memories of a gheisha" by Arthur Golden.

My passion is watching theatre plays


Ionut Muntean

AGE : 16   
CLASS : 10
FAMILY : I am an only child.
HOBBY : I like playing basketball, making websites and i think a lot of things which can be done on computer.
INTERESTS : I am interested in making new friends, knowing other cultures, meeting new people, visiting other country and learn about how we can make our country better.
MUSIC : I listen a lot of different music, i listen what i like, i don't choose my music by genre or by artist. The only type of music i don't like is "manele".


Thank You.


Cristina Teodora Pascu

 Hallo! My name is Cristina Teodora Pascu, but most of the people I know call me Teo. I am 16 years old, in the 10th grade. My profile at school is based on Mathematics and Physics, but I like also my English and German classes.


I find very useful many foreign languages to study, so I do my best to learn English, German and some Greek. I thought about learning Spanish, too, but actually, I have to find free time for this. I love drawing and painting and this summer I realised that taking photos is quite interesting. That is why I have the ambition to study architecture in Germany.  In my free time, I prefer shopping, roller skating and ice-skating or  books in English and German reading. When I am on holiday I adore travelling abroad and making new friends from other countries.


My family supports me in everything I want to do, so I could say that I definitely trust all of them. Actually, I live in my roomy, cosy house only with my mother. But I get along very well also with my aunts and with my uncle. I also have a little cat...I really adore it!


I hope that we are going to be in touch! 

I am looking forward for hearing from you!


Yours faithfully,               






 Cristina Teodora Pascu


Georgiana Danaila

Name: Georgiana Danaila

Age: 16 years old

Class: a10a A

Family: I live with my family, mom, dad and my little brother, Michael. We are a united family, always happy together. I love my family.

Hobbies/Interests: I `m crazy about dancing, I`m passionate about basketball, so I`m  part of the school basketball team. In fact I like to play tennis, listening to music and to learn interesting things.


Andrada Mirescu

   Hy J! My name is Andrada, I am 15 years old and I learn in the 9th grade at the National College “Nicolae Bălcescu”.

   My hobbies are taking photos, painting, making architectural art and of course listening a lot of music. My favourite artists are: Rihanna, Beyonce, Akon, Black Eyed Peas, James Morison (with his melody “you make it real”), Jason Mraz, Nelly Furtado and others.

  About my family: First of all I can say that i don’t have any brothers and sisters. So we are a small family who likes travels. Also we are cheerful, happy, friendly and always ready for guests, like all the Romanians are.


Greta Gheorghita


My name is Greta Gheorghita and I am 17 years old. I am in the eleventh grade and I have to admit that school is one of my main priorities. I live with my parents Dana my mum and Iulian my dad and I can say for sure that they are my two best friends. We have a great relationship parents-daughter and we love to do a lot of things togheter, time spent at its best. I don't have any sisters nor brothers, although I'd want to.

I'm interested in lots of things and I have many hobbies. The one I most enjoy is photography. When I was little I use to have hundreds of pictures taken by me framed around the house. My parents always encouraged me to make time for my hobbies. I'm looking forward to hearing from you,



Cristina Alexandra


Name: Bălan Cristina Alexandra
Age: 15
Class: 10 th Grade
Family: My family is composed of three members: my parents and I. I'd like very much to have a brother or a sister =D
About me: In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, listen music, read books, chat and play tennis. I'm listening all kinds of music, especially Drum and Bass, Punk and Rock. I like to help people and that's why I am part of  National Anti-Drug Angecy. I'm a sociable person and I'd like to make as many friends as I can ^-^


Andreea Cristina Tudorache

Name:Tudorache Andreea Cristina
Age:16 years old
Class:10th Grade
Family:My family has three members:me,my mom and my dad.On the other hand we are  a big family because i have many relatives.I think we are a great and happy family. I love them!        
      Hobbies/Interests:First, I love listening to music, like the other children.I like dance,  pop,  punk and rock music.I like psychological movies a favourite is "Bang-Bang you're dead".I like to dance,to swim and to play bascketball.I am a sociable girl, I like to help people that's why I'm volunteer at "The National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign".I'm interested in making new friends.









Name: Alexandra Serbanescu

Age: 17

Class: 11th grade

Family: My family is not big, I don't have any brothers or sisters. My dad works for the army and my mom is a tailor.    

Hobbies: My personal favourite hobby is to read and watch movies. I love the Twilight Saga  and I listen to a lot of Paramore and Kings of Leon. I also spend a lot of time with my friends.. I don`t like to stay alone.


Eduard Durbaca

Hi , I'm Eddie , a 17 year old boy , of course this means I'm in the 11 th grade . About my family ... they are nice and understanding people and you won't have any trouble with them I promise . More about me ... hm well I listen to all kinds of music but mostly rock .. i have 2 cats Botos and Ador and I must take care of them or bad things will happen to me :)) because

they're not mine.




Irina-Elena Lupu
I am 17 years old
11th grader
 I have no brothers and sisters, but I am a sociable person.I was raised by my grandmother, togheter with my cousin so I know what it means to share things.In the present, I live with my parents and my grandparents.My home is big enought for all of us, please don't get the idea of 5 persons in a matchbox.Not true:).My parents are cool and open-minded.Their only problem is that they really do love math and physics.I don't.My gradma loves to cook, expecially cookies and my grandpa likes to read a lot.
 To talk a little about me, i must say that I love simplicity.I think this simplicity opens minds and leads to open doors.I like walks in the park, I'm not a fan of the clubs. I like to travel a lot. Untill now, from where I've been the most I liked Belgium. A very peaceful country with much chocolate.
 Next, I like good movies.(I loved "slumdog millionaire").My favourite TV shows are "House M.D." and "LosT".Like my grandpa I love to read...anything.I think that every book helps to learn something new.But I have to say that "Haryy Potter" was my favourite when I was smaller, in fact I still love him:)).Now Harry was replaced by Edward, from "Twilight":P.Oh...I nearly forgot to say that Sims3 is my fav game.
 Concerning school, I am a national olympic at chemistry, but in high-school I study math-info, intensive informatics.Two years from now I'll begin to study medicine.My lifetime wish is to become a succesful doctor.
 I think that's mostly all, put in a nutshell:)


Horia Toader

Age:16 and 1/2

Class: 10th grade

Family: mother, father, 4 grand parents(2 grandmas, 2 grandpas)

Hobbies/interests: freestyle rolling, kickboxing, photography, videography, editing , music, travelling 


            Hello, my name is Horia I'm 16, I'm into sports, and some arts, i like to travel a lotespecially with my skates and my friends, I like travelling abroad also. I have a small family, my parents are great persons, very understanding, open minded and intelligent. My grandmothers cook very good and on of them is very funny. My grandfathers are wise and they can repair almost everything.


Mihai Cosmin Ispas

Hi! My name is Ispas Mihai Cosmin, I am 16 years old and I come from a beautiful country, Romania.I am in the tenth grade at The National College "Nicolae Balcescu".I don't have any brothers or sisters.when I have some fee time I like to play tennis or chess and at school My favourite subject is history!



Andrei Cain



My mame is Andrei Cain.

I'd like you  to call me Andrei.

I am 12 years old.

I am in the 6-th grade.

My family is formed from me, my mother, my grand-mother, my grand-grand-mother and my aunt.

My hobbies are :

            -listening to music

            -playing on the computer

            -surfing the web

My interests in this project are to meet other people and to make friends and to see how other students learn and live.




Cristi Nedelcu

NAME: Cristi Nedelcu
FAMILY: My mother is a doctor and my father is a port captain.They are almost all the time very kind,sometimes rude but not without a reason.
HOBBIES:I have a lot of friends who enjoy playing many sports with me, as football ,tennis,bowling,pool or table tennis. When the weekend comes we all spend our time in clubs. Most of them have motorcycles or atv's a and when we get bored we take a ride in the town.


Dan Mateescu

NAME: Dan Mateescu
AGE: 15
CLASS: ninth grade
FAMILY: I have a 7 year old brother that's very friendly and funny .My father and my mother are very understanding and they are opened to lots of things .
HOBBIES: I have lots of hobbies...I ride bmx, mtb, aggresive skating , mini mx I also ride snowboard and wakeboard .
One of my favourite hobby is kickboxing .And I like going out with my friends and do lots of things .


Rusandra Diaconescu

Name:Rusandra Diaconescu


Family:I love a lot my family.We are a normal family.The must I love my litter sister,and after that my mother who is like a friend for me becouse she understand me and support me in everything I do.

Hobbies:I ador to drawing,i want to go to the Architecture Faculty.But like a normal student I learn,I go out with my friends ,we usually go to the bowling or to a movie or simple hand around.I hope we can be friends.










Bianca Radu







Name: Bianca Radu


Family/hobbies:My family is very nice and funny I can say.My mother is blonde and me either but i don’t think this is so important.I have a sister,Victoria and a dog named Ama.My hobbies are sports.I can play tennis,volleyball very well and generally all the sports.After the high-school i would like to go to the  medical-school because i like helping people.I hope to make friends with you and to keep in touch a lot.














Cezar Barbu

Name: Cezar Barbu

Class: six grade

Age: 12

    My family consists of me, my mother and my father.I am an only child.

    My interests are to be a bussines man in future, to save money, to be hard-working, and to have lots of friends, sure I'd like to you be one of them.

    I like computer games, karate, watch movies, to read magazines and more.

    My favourite subjects are mathemathics, english language, romainian language, computer lesson, physics and biology.

    Did you hear about "Runescape the massive onlinge adventure game" or "World of warcraft". If yes we'll have much to talk.

     I am glad I write this mail to you, and i hope you will come soon. 










Alexandru Milcu






Hello !
My name is Catalina Matei, I am 17 years old and I`m in the 11 th grade . I can say that I have a pretty big family : a mother, a father, a sister and a brother-in-law. My parents manage a few small businesses . My sister is aspecting a baby. This makes me very happy because I really love babies .
I love doing a lot of things , I am an active person. I love travelling and I would like very much to add Denmark to my list of countries that I`ve visited . I find Scuba-Diving very attractive . This is a sport where you use both : mind and body .
  Music is an important part of every teenager`s life. I like many kinds of music : rock, house, jazz and pop .







Hi! My name is Arama Adrian, I am in the 10 th grade at "Nicolae Balcescu" college and I am one of the participants at this multilateral project. I have a sister older than me, she is 21 years old. I spend the most of my time playing basketball. I play in the highschool basketball team as a point guard. We practiced all the summer and we hope to reach the national championship this year. In the rest of my free time, I like to go out with my friends. I like parties and every kind of sport. I hope to know eachother better because I'm sure we will get along very well.

Here you go, this is my profile.


             Hello!My name is Maria Fratila!I am 12 years old and I am in the 6 th grade!I don't have a very big family.The members of my family are:me,my mother,Nicoleta,a pretty and funny person and my father,Silviu,a good person.Every day,after school I go to my grandparents where I serve lunch and I do my homework for the next day.When my mother finishes her job she comes at my grandparents and takes me home!This is my family!

Now I want to say something about my hobbies!I like very much playing tennis!Three times a week I go to tennis.I  have started this sport since I was 4 years old and I am at performance!This is me!



   name:Roxana Otmeteanu
class: 6 th
I like animals,I like listen music,my favorits subjects are romanian and english
hobbis:swimming,skating and traveling
family: mother's name:manuela otmeteanu
father's name:ionel otmeteanu
mother's work:chemist at sensiblu
father's work:chief at fornetti
family's hobbis:parties,swim, travels and family walks
my favorite music:pop,rock, hip hop 
i like very much dance and i like very much MICHEL JACKSON's music
This is it!